Important basics

Thermal imaging scans are highly recommended as early detection health scans. Please research recent analyses of mammogram risk-to-benefit ratios. See this website: Thermogram Center.

Two scans I recommend in particular are face/neck and breast. The face & neck scan may detect oral infections that won’t show up on a general dental X-ray. Studies suggest that a breast scan may detect cancer or other health issues in the breast up to ten years earlier than in mammograms. In both cases, this is a life-saving technology.

For your first time, I recommend a face/neck scan, along with breast scan for women. The face/neck scan probably won’t need to be repeated as often as a breast scan, but this depends on new injuries, new extractions, and new dental issues in general. Please ask the practitioner to forward copies of your Thermogram to me.

Boston area practitioners

Jackie Bell Natural Health; Dedham MA
(508) 280-6434

European Thermography (with contact sensor on 110 body points)

“European Thermography gives exact readings at lymph, sinuses, teeth, major organs and glands, plus immune system and terrain indices. Most importantly is that beyond the temperature readings, it gives precise autonomic nervous system behavioral information. In addition, the reports offer disease process recognition (functional medicine) and recommendations for maintaining and improving your health.”

Janice Anderson, BA, RN; Byfield MA and Dover NH
(978) 270-2005

Digital Infra-Red Imaging with Iris Camera (clinical medical equipment)

Suzanne Pyle, MS, CCT, X to Rays; Attleboro MA
(203) 331-2878

Also multiple locations in Connecticut, check her website

Susan Saari, Lic. Ac., CCT, MetroWest Thermal Imaging; Shrewsbury & Waltham MA
(508) 425 3300

Also other mobile locations (including the Cape), see website


Colorado practitioners

Tirza Derflinger, The Thermogram Center; serves Boulder, Centennial, Fort Collins, and Lakewood
(303) 664-1139

Digital Infra-Red Imaging

Dr. Diana Alba, ND, Pristine Health; Greenwood Village/Englewood
(303) 773-0793

Prices on the website

Jeannie Yu, L.Ac., Applewood Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic; Lakewood
(303) 202-9808

WIN Health Institute; Basalt
(970) 279-4099)


Other regions

Read over these provider websites to understand what to search for in your area. You can always send information you find to me, to get my opinion before scheduling.

Important details

Thermography was FDA approved for breast cancer screening in 1982. Thermography is a heat-sensing tool, similar to a digital camera or wand, and thus does not expose you to any invasive substance or energy.

I believe the radiation exposure and breast tissue mauling of mammography are damaging. Recent meta-analyses also indicate that mammography is not as discerning as had been hoped. Rates of false positive are high, which can be emotionally traumatic.

Conversely, thermography can safely indicate trouble developing as much as ten years sooner than mammography can. Please read the information at all the above websites (no matter which practitioner you will see) to learn more about thermography.

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