I haven’t been in touch in quite a while and want to reach out and wish you all good health and prosperity for the coming year. I’m sure 2021 will be another year of broadening horizons. 

I would like to share what I have learned, having spent long hours each week studying the science and listening to experts. There is a list of resources and links at the end of this blog. Don’t miss it!

There is some good news…

  • Survival rates from COVID-19 infections are from 94% to 99.999%. We really have nothing to fear from COVID-19. Isn’t that wonderful news?
  • There are many cures. Do you think primary care and emergency physicians would do nothing for nine months of a pandemic? Faced with panicking patients who could not breathe and other scary emergencies, did they say to those patients “Oh, you’ll have to wait until the government develops a vaccine or a new (expensive!) drug?” Of course not! These frontline doctors figured it out. They looked at the existing research for widely available and safe drugs (eg.,  Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Bromhexine, IV Vitamin C, corticosteroids such as Prednisone, etc.) and nutrients (Vitamin D, Zinc, selenium, Quercetin, Melatonin) and they treated their patients successfully. Many of these clinicians reported 100% recovery rates using these therapies. They are my heroes. Check out this research!
  • Total death rates from all causes for 2020 are, for the most part, on par with 2019 and 2018. Suddenly there is very little flu being reported. Is it gone? I think not. Authorities have been falsely labeling many deaths as COVID. There are financial reasons for that (do the research). Where there are some recent reports of increases in total deaths from all causes for the year 2020, I wonder whether that number is due to the increase in deaths from suicide, drug overdose, cancer, and heart disease.  As people isolate themselves, and fear of going to the hospital, they perhaps became sicker. I really liked this interview of a doctor in Canada, who provided a concise synopsis. His letter to the Ministry of Health in British Columbia is very informative. 
  • The voices of more and more medical doctors, scientists, and citizens are finally being heard, albeit mostly on alternative news sites and messaging services like Telegram:

America’s Frontline Doctors which offers a petition to stop mandatory vaccination and resources for obtaining COVID-19 medications. 

World Doctors Alliance with a presence online and on Telegram, including our own Andrew Kaufman and Scott Jensen [see comments below.] 

The Great Barrington Declaration, created by a group of infectious disease specialists and physicians, is circulating a petition calling for reasonable approaches to the pandemic. 

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

CoviLeaks of the United Kingdom

A documentary and interview series covering the information needed to understand where we are today.

…and there is some not so good news

  • Governments are still using PCR tests to justify lockdown measures. PCR tests are not valid for identifying illness, and they have been misused. Kary Mullis, the developer of the PCR test, is on record many times explaining this. They are not to be used to identify specific illness. Yet, that is what governments are doing. In addition, Professor Dolores Cahill has explained the need for “sequencing” the PCR test results, which hasn’t been done yet. The case numbers for Covid are based on positive PCR test results, not actual illness or hospitalization, and definitely not deaths. There are finally some government authorities acknowledging this and reducing their reliance on PCR testing results (GOOD NEWS!) 
  • New Covid-19 vaccines are not proven effective and safe. All of them are experimental drugs. Let me say that again: these are experimental drugs. Further, the vaccines do not  prevent illness. Their only stated purpose is to (potentially) prevent serious symptoms and infection. Plus, no one has any idea what the long-term effects of these will be, or how long they will be effective. Vaccinating for COVID-19 does not mean we can get back to normal. Even the most optimistic government authorities tell us we will still have to wear masks and social distance. Please remember earlier drugs, approved and touted as safe and effective, which were then recalled from the market when the truth was known about injuries and deaths. You don’t need to be the guinea pigs for this experimental drug.  All of you have learned from me that there are ways to boost your immune system responses, unique to each of you. Use that knowledge to silence the cacophony of confusing and conflicting information you’ve heard day after day these last ten months. For example, the NHS in the UK recommends that patients with allergies to drugs not take the vaccine. But the CDC tells us it’s OK – just wait around for thirty minutes in case you have a reaction (!?!!)  I liked this synopsis of these issues, written by a medical doctor in Maine. Please listen to the Ben Swann segment linked from this blog, and go to the full blog from that link, too. 
  • Hospital systems and other governing authorities are restricting access to the afore-mentioned drugs and nutrients. Hospital boards have fired doctors, and have threatened others. This appears to be the result of political propaganda overriding medical autonomy. As examples of how politics have become hopelessly entangled with medicine, Didier Raoult MD, a French doctor who treated patients successfully with Hydroxychloroquine last March, has received death threats. Simone Gold MD, was fired from two hospital emergency rooms for prescribing Hydroxychloroquine. Doctors and scientists are horrified by this assault on the integrity of science.
  • Censorship is rampant! I have had to edit this blog several times as original links I included had “been removed.” Scientific discussion is hindered and silenced too often today. If any doctor or scientist dares to counter the current narrative about COVID-19, they are ostracized and their social media accounts suspended. Their opinions are certainly not available on mainstream news. Senator Scott Jensen, MD, of Minnesota had his medical license challenged, sparked by his remarks comparing COVID-19 to the flu, and for questioning state and federal guidelines related to tallying death. He was recently interviewed on The Highwire about his current effort to audit all death certificates listing COVID. When I searched for the link for World Doctors Alliance (above), the entire first page of links were for fact-checkers who dismissed the Alliance as fraudulent. Understand that fact-checkers are paid for by industry. They reinforce the conventional “wisdom” on medicine and explore no further. “The science is settled”, which you will encounter over and over in media reporting, is drug company propaganda. Science is never settled!! That is the beauty of science. An earlier interview of Kary Mullis shares his perspective on PCR testing and scientific integrity (note: the title isn’t representative of this 20 minute interview.) One of my favorite resources, Dr. Mercola, wrote about government surveillance and censoring of his site and others. We must not let this continue. America’s Frontline Doctors offer support and perspective. 

Speaking out for children

At a press conference in Berlin, Germany last summer, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke at the Rally for Freedom and Peace:

My father told me when I was a child: people in authority lie.

If we are going to continue to live in a democracy we need to understand that people in authority lie.

People in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them and right now we are giving them the power to micro-manage every bit of our lives, 24 hours a day. They’re going to know where we are, they’re going to know the money that we spend, they’re going to have access to our children.

They’re going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us. You know, the NAZIs did that in the camps, in World War II —they tested the vaccines on Gypsies and Jews.

And the world was so horrified after the war that we signed the Nuremburg Charter and we all pledged when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent.

And yet in two years all of that conviction has suddenly disappeared, and people are walking around in masks where the science has not been explained to them—they are doing what they’re told.

These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic—it’s not the product of democracy. It’s the product of a pharmaceutical-driven, bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.”

Your right to choose

Yes, I know. That last paragraph spoken by RFK, Jr., was very dramatic. But it isn’t hyperbole. Our medical freedom of choice is quickly going the way of the horse and buggy.

I once again highly recommend watching episodes of www.thehighwire.com for detailed information and science on all of the afore-mentioned topics. If you sign up for their emails, you will receive an email offering links to all the science presented in each episode. I have saved all of those, so if you want any references, please contact me. 

Another good source I have appreciated is the MedCram coronavirus update series by Dr. Seheult. Start with Episode 34 about zinc and then watch this separate episode about Vitamin D

I sent my first messages about this to you last January, 2020, before the pandemic was declared.  I have been watching the medical-pharmaceutical agenda try to extend its monopoly on our lives and health for decades now. I warned about more vaccine mandates, including for the adult population, and for the loss of exemptions and the freedoms to choose. 

I lived in and loved Massachusetts for twenty-five years and was horrified when last August their Department of Public Health passed a flu vaccine mandate for all children six months old through the age of twenty-two, to be completed by December 31, 2020. Flu vaccines are increasingly implicated to cause greater illness and mortality with exposure to the next ‘wild’ virus!

I hoped and prayed that my friends and clients in Massachusetts knew better than to give in to that mandate. Fortunately, ICAN’s (Icandecide.org) legal team sued the State of Massachusetts to reverse that mandate, and on January 15th , 2021, the MA Department of Public Health quietly dismissed the mandate completely

That was GREAT NEWS! But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are far too many uninformed and unelected bureaucrats making medical decisions for the entire populace. We have to support the efforts by groups like ICanDecide / Del Bigtree who are going to the mat for us! I donate monthly.

My dear clients, we do not have to agree on everything, but whatever position you take, I urge you to be skeptical. Do your own research, ask questions, think deeply, and take charge of your health. We already have all the tools we need at our disposal and we must guard our access to them. Medical freedom of choice is more important now than ever before.

As always, please make sure you get plenty of hugs! 


The news resources I have found reliable for their truthful scientific viewpoints are included here, for your reference:

Del Bigtree, www.thehighwire.com  

Del Bigtree, www.icandecide.org

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., www.childrenshealthdefense.org

Sharyl Atkisson, http://fullmeasure.news/

Ben Swann, https://truthinmedia.com/ and https://truthinmedia.com/ise-media-live/

Jeremy Hammond, https://www.jeremyrhammond.com/

The Weston A. Price Foundation, www.westonaprice.org : their summer 2020 journal covered the pandemic beautifully, and addressed immunity. Dr. Tom Cowan’s article The Current Health Crisis is a must read, OR listen to the podcast.

COVID Operation, by Pam Popper, ND, and Shane Prier

The Contagion Myth, by Thomas Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon, founder, Weston A. Price Foundation

Plague of Corruption, Restoring Faith in Science, Judith Mikovits, PhD.