Between us

Vaccinations or flu shots are not recommended while under Pati’s care for most conditions. Please consult Pati first.

Please inform Pati of any dental issues, past or present, and consult with her before initiating any new treatments. Consider replacing mercury amalgam fillings. Never schedule dental work on seven-day cycles. Avoid root canals at all cost. Nutritional support can save teeth.

Please inform Pati of your intention to receive any adjunct therapies such as surgery, colonics, massages, Rolfing, etc.

Food and drink:

  • No microwaving of food, especially baby formula.
  • Drink pure water, without fluoride or chlorine; remember your pets, too. Refresh reverse osmosis water with homeopathic mineral drops, fresh lemon or lime, or a splash of herbal tea.
  • Read the recommendations for blood type in the book Eat Right For Your Type by Peter D’Adamo, but remember these are not absolutes, just guides. Always pay attention to how you feel when you change your diet. Pati will be happy to go over the “avoid” list with you at a followup appointment.
  • Eating fruits a half hour before, or two hours after meals digests better for some people. Citrus fruits alkalize the stomach juices, preventing digestion of proteins, which need acid. A splash of lemon is usually okay, though.
  • In general, pay attention to all food combinations. This will help you determine your compatibilities.
  • Do not use Teflon or non-stick pans except when ceramic-coated. When heated, the fumes given off are very toxic. With aging, these surfaces flake and contaminate your food. There are some good ceramic-coated alternatives on the market.
  • Purchase and read these cookbooks and nutrition manuals by Sally Fallon: Nourishing Traditions, Nourishing Broth, and The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care.
  • Consider becoming a member of The Weston A. Price Foundation, or other national and local organizations dedicated to providing for and preserving our food supply, such as the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and the Cornucopia Institute.
  • Soak fresh produce for twenty minutes in one gallon of water + one teaspoon of food-grade hydrogen peroxide, to kill parasites and bacteria.

Personal hygiene:

  • Use only food oils on your skin (olive, almond, coconut, etc.) Don’t use mineral oil or petroleum-based ointments.
  • Avoid fluoride (toothpaste, oral rinses, tap water, instant ice tea, dental treatments, etc.)
  • Do not use anti-perspirants. They clog lymph nodes and raise the risk of cancer and infection; also these products contain aluminum and other chemicals absorbed easily into lymph.
  • Expose your skin and uncovered eyes to sunlight daily. During winter months, gentle tanning can be a substitute for summer sun.
  • Use lip ointments and lipsticks containing food grade oils and ingredients. Verify there’s no lead in them. The Skin Deep database (which can tell you if your cosmetics are toxic) now has free apps for iPhone and Android. Download before shopping.
  • Wash eyes with baby shampoo occasionally to clean ducts and pores.
  • Sanitize inside of shoes regularly – i.e. with essential oils of citrus or laundering.
  • Antacids such as Tums or Prilosec disrupt real digestion. Use rarely.
  • Wear copper (bracelet or twist three copper wires together) or diode protection while working on a computer.
  • Do not use electric blankets while sleeping.
  • Practice abdominal breathing.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide in ears (a few drops) and as a gargle occasionally for germ protection. Use 2x / day at onset of illness.
  • Ask about using the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath for detoxing and immune support.
  • “Milk” dry eyes — press edges of eyelids at the lash duct until eyes get filmy. This is especially beneficial after washing with baby shampoo. “Milking” encourages optimal flow of oils through the ducts, which lubricates and hydrates the eye socket and eyeball, thus preventing “dry eye.”

Immune support:

  • Do not suppress fever unless absolutely necessary. Extra calcium (lactate or citrate) will reduce fever and support immune processes. Refer to the Fevers document for more information.
  • Get plenty of sunshine and fresh outside air daily. Go without sunglasses for as much time outdoors as you can manage. A cap with a visor can help shade your eyes from glare, without blocking all the beneficial rays of the sun.


  • Consider thermography or ultra-sound for breast exams instead of mammography.
  • Consider using a fertility lens for birth control instead of the Pill.
  • Use dioxin and bleach free feminine hygiene products.

Around the house:

  • Do not use toxic chemicals in the house or outdoors, such as pesticides, weed killers, cleaners, etc. Hydrogen peroxide, borax, lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar are safe and effective alternatives. Find many recipes online for using these ingredients.
  • Reduce exposure to aluminum. Get rid of aluminum pots and pans, get aluminum-free baking powder, throw away anti-perspirants, etc.
  • Use full-spectrum lighting in your home and workplace.
  • Maintain healthy humidity in your home; mucus membranes must not be too dry.