Do not use fluoridated toothpaste

There are anti‐cavity/microbial rinses or toothpastes you can use instead. Xylitol is a natural “saccharide” which is proven to prevent cavities, so you could select this in your toothpaste and rinses, as well as gum and mints.

Refuse dental treatments or rinses – they all have fluoride in them

If your case is acute, avoid the dentist completely for a short while until your system is stronger and can be protected. There is fluoride in all dental materials today.

Be careful drinking tea

Black and green tea are high in fluoride content. The camellia plant from which their leaves come loves fluoride and picks it up quickly from the local environment. In addition, when commercial fertilizers and pesticides are used in growing the plant, the fluoride they contain will be absorbed. Organic teas are best.

Never drink instant iced tea

Instant teas have a ridiculously high fluoride content. Always ask restaurants whether tea is brewed or instant.

Do not drink tap water which is fluoridated

This means: water served in restaurants, soups, bottled juices or drinks, etc.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water will be fluoride‐free, but these waters are also stripped of their minerals. If drinking either of these, please add something which will restore their electrolytes/minerals – such as a squirt of lemon, a bit of juice or herbal tea, or homeopathic mineral drops.

If you want to use a water filter in your home, find a two‐stage process which filters the fluoride first. The water then flows through a solid carbon filter, which removes this bound fluoride and a long list of general contaminants (Multi‐Pure and Berkey filters are examples of these).

Here is an inexpensive filter pitcher1.

Do not use Teflon or most other non‐stick pans

Non-stick pans contain fluoride‐based compounds. The newer ceramic non‐stick pan appears to be safe, at this point.

Check all prescription drugs to be sure they don’t have fluoride compounds

Fluoride compounds are widely used prescription medications drugs today. This page2 lists many of these references. Two examples of commonly-used drugs which contain fluoride are Cipro and Prozac. If you will have anesthesia for any reason, demand fluoride‐free anesthesia (which usually means you will need inhaled versions).

If you drink from a well, please have it checked for fluoride levels

Do not soak in hot baths or hot tubs for long periods

Check fluoride levels at any hot springs you frequent

Do not eat grapes, raisins, grape juice, or iceberg lettuce unless organic

These are the worst food sources of fluoride because of the chemicals used to grow them. Please eat organic as much as possible; there’s a better chance that fluoride compounds haven’t been used in their growing or processing.

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