The right and left hemispheres of the brain should work together. Some indicators that the sides of the brain may not be cooperating are:

  • poor eye/hand coordination
  • difficulty catching a ball or object
  • difficulty reading or with comprehension (eyes will tend to bounce up, down, or back when they should be moving along the print smoothly)
  • reading aloud sounds choppy, with pauses in the wrong places
  • balance problems, which may include tripping or falling
  • headaches, eye strain, or mood change during or after reading

It is important to correct these problems as early in life as possible. However, both children and adults can easily integrate the brain by doing these three exercises:

1. Hand to Knee Exercises

While standing, raise one knee almost to hip level and tap the kneecap with opposite hand. Make sure that the knee crosses the body midline each time. This movement is like marching in place.

Practice for two to three minutes at a time.

2. Infinity Sign Exercise

Clasp hands with thumbs up. Begin to make figure eights sideways in the air with your arms extended forward. Keep eyes focused on thumbnails at all times as they move. Your eyes will want to wander — so be alert!

Start with small sideways eights and increase the size slowly, making them larger and larger. You will feel your shoulders and upper body loosen up. You may get a little dizzy at first. If that happens just stop until the feeling goes away, then start again.

Practice the exercise for three minutes, but you can do it as long as ten minutes.

3. Locking In The Message

Extend your arms forward with hands back to back. Without turning the hands, drop the right one down under the left and up so the hands now face each other. Intermingle your fingers and pull hands back toward your body, and rest hands against your chest.

Now, close your eyes and take seven slow, deep breaths. As you breathe in, say or think “one hand.” Then, as you breathe out, say or think “one brain.”

  • Do all exercises three times per day for three weeks.
  • Then do all exercises two times per day for two weeks.
  • Then do exercises one time per day for one week.

Once you have completed this initial six-week period, I recommend you do the exercises once a week to maintain and continue your brain integration.

Download these instructions: