Please be very selective about dental care. I encourage you to discuss your options with me.

Your dental health affects your entire health. In the 1950s, a German doctor named Reinhold Voll developed an electro-acupuncture biofeedback system. Using this tool he discovered that each tooth in the mouth relates to a specific acupuncture meridian. If a tooth becomes infected or diseased, he found that the organ on the same meridian will also become unhealthy. Conversely, he found that a diseased organ can cause a problem with its corresponding tooth.

Dental procedures and materials constitute one of the biggest potential threats to your overall health

Here are some guidelines:

Never allow mercury amalgam fillings to be placed in your or your children’s mouths. Ask specifically which materials are available and consider muscle-testing them with me before having them placed in your mouth. Though there are many options to choose from, most dentists use only what they are used to. Exposure to mercury and other metals is only part of the risk factor. Mercury amalgam expands and contracts with hot and cold, thus stressing the tooth body and causing microscopic cracks which allow bacteria inside the tooth. This shortens the life of your tooth and risks infection and extraction.

Please choose your professional dental care selectively

I prefer a dentist who is aware of the risks of root canal and will do everything possible to avoid damaging the tooth. I recommend you go to a dentist who uses a slow speed drill or laser to prevent accidental damage, and uses Novocain without epinephrine (which reduces blood flow and thus hampers recovery.) Ask your dentist about safe mercury amalgam removal procedures, and whether he/she places mercury amalgam fillings. I prefer to spend time in an office which has no mercury in it at all.

Extractions must be done with care

Dentists performing extractions should remove the entire periodontal ligament structure. Otherwise, blood cannot flow into the core area to build new bone. Once the periodontal ligament is removed, the dentist must also excavate the apical core bone area to be sure there isn’t hidden necrosis. American dentistry training does not include this perspective. There are fewer than one hundred dentists in the country who are networking, training each other, and doing extractions properly. Take special care with wisdom tooth extractions.

Reject fluoride treatments, especially for your children

Fluoride is a neurotoxin and interferes with the thyroid gland. Ask for materials that are fluoride-free and refuse dental fluoride rinses. The inside of your mouth, especially under the tongue, absorbs these rinses immediately, thus sending this toxin directly to the nearby thyroid and brain. Most whiteners have fluoride. Ask for non-fluoride whiteners, e.g., Euro-CA. Fluoride is not proven to prevent cavities, but is clearly indicated as a systemic toxin. The cumulative amounts of fluoride we are exposed to daily is unknown and very likely unsafe. Treatments for infants, or fluoridated water for infant formula, are especially dangerous. A majority of professional members of EPA unions in the US have called for a moratorium on fluoridation. Please read more at

Adjust TMJ after dental appointments

When the jaw is held open for a long time it can freeze in that position, meaning the bite will be off. It is essential to regain proper movement of this joint. Place the base of each palm on the lower jawbone, just below the joint hinging the jawbones (the TMJ). Squeeze in on both sides simultaneously and then pull sharply down toward the shoulders to release the joint.

Root canals should be avoided!

A root canal is a procedure that allows a dead, damaged, or painful tooth to remain in the mouth. Most dentists consider root canals an advance in dentistry, a superior alternative to removal of a seriously compromised tooth. However, a growing number of physicians, including dentists, believe that root canals can be the cause of – or at least contribute to – a long list of illnesses and degenerative diseases. Research has shown that even modern root canals pose health hazards to the body. This is due to the deleterious effects of residual infections; from the seepage of toxic substances used in the process; and from the interference of the flow of bioelectrical energy through acupuncture meridians associated with all the organs of the body. All conventional root canals employ toxic substances to sterilize the interior of the tooth, such as eugenol (oil of clove) and formocresol (formaldehyde-creosote). Most dentists also use gutta-percha (a latex similar to rubber) to fill the canal. If your dentist recommends a root canal because of nerve damage to the tooth, be aware that nerves can be repaired – see below.

Supplements can help with pain and recovery

Supplements can help you prepare for, and follow-up to, dental appointments. We are exposed to chemicals and toxins during dental work and sometimes our body needs help processing these. There are also potentials for nerve irritation, skin abrasions, strep infections, tooth dentin damage, etc., which will heal more optimally, with less pain and discomfort, when we support the body’s repair systems. Pain after dentistry often signifies a nerve that needs specific B vitamins, or dentin that needs calcium blends or D, for example. Often a nerve can repair itself, given time and nutrients, helping you avoid a root canal.

Consider “Oil Pulling” for health of your mouth

Oil-pulling is an Ayurvedic process of ‘sucking’ oil through your teeth, which pulls mucous, bacteria and toxins from your body through your saliva. This process can help heal the direct environment of the mouth. I give instructions in my article on the website.

Download these instructions: