Many of you may not know that my BA is in history and secondary education. I discovered a passion for history and historical reference when I was a high school junior.

There is so much going on now that has historical reference, and that makes this a very pivotal time in our history. It isn’t a world war, but it feels like it to me.

Events today threaten our freedom to choose the medical care we feel is best for ourselves. I feel it is very important that I share with all of you the following links. YouTube and Google are censoring information, but hopefully these links are still available.

None of this is new to me, but it is frightening me more than ever before. There has long been suppression of complementary healthcare, and this is a serious new assault. These are current discussions about issues I have been well aware of for a long time. I am actually thankful that the greed of so many in power is finally so obvious that I am hopeful that it will be recognized by more of our planet’s people. We must speak up and stop it.

The first video I implore you to watch is part 1 of a documentary that is to be released this summer. It was playing on YouTube this morning when my husband and I watched it, and when I tried it an hour later it was taken down, in accordance with their “community guidelines.”

But, it may be available on the website. Scroll down to download the interview. It downloaded to my computer and played with media player easily. Or, click on the ‘install +’ link at the far right of the URL and it will immediately play for you. Read the short historical synopsis, too.

This was the best of many videos I watched and listened to that featured this esteemed virologist. Do watch others featuring her, because she provides much more detail about virology.

I loved the historical, chronological detail about this coronavirus pandemic in this sermon.

Perhaps you watched the 23ABC news videos of urgent care doctors in California who are asking for review of current distancing and medical procedures. One of my favorite activists interviewed one of those doctors in this video as followup, and I really appreciate his reasoned responses.

many thanks to Samantha Farkash for her beautiful and inspiring photos.