Think of good health as a destination. In order to get there, you must first figure out the route – in other words, you need a map. Once you have the roadmap, you – not a bus driver, not a computer program –  have to drive there. Sometimes the road is rough, or it goes up and down and twists and turns; or the bridges might get washed out; or you might get lost and wonder what possessed you to get on the road. But once you get to where you are going, you will not regret a moment of your journey.

photo CC by mke1963

At the Mountain Centre for Healing, we analyze the “condition” of your bodily vehicle in order to understand the challenges ahead. We then work with you to create your personal roadmap to vibrant health. We guide you through the bumpy parts, we help you steer clear of hazards, and we celebrate with you when you arrive at your destination.

Our home page lists some of those “conditions” with which Pati has worked successfully. These Conditions pages discuss some of those problems in more detail. We’ll also explain some protocols that have worked for individuals following Pati’s guidance.

The power of our dietary choices to facilitate healing and repair in our physical bodies is limitless, no matter the dis-ease or injury. Certainly your genetics, lifestyle, past injuries, and emotional being all impact your health and ability to recover, but your diet affects all of these factors, in addition to its direct effects on physical function.

Consulting with Pati to learn your individual needs, and agreeing together what your next steps will be, is a remarkable opportunity to renew vibrancy in your life! No matter the physical condition or symptoms you are dealing with, you will absolutely benefit from learning the right food, lifestyle tools, and therapeutic supplements your body needs to heal and repair.

Thyroid Issues

Digestive System

Pre-natal and Pregnancy

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

ADD, ADHD, and Brain Fog

Auto-Immune and Viral Patterns