pati-thomasAbout Pati

I am a certified nutritionist in private practice since January 1995, and a master practitioner of Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and Applied Clinical Nutrition. I earned my CN (Certified Nutritionist) graduate degree designation from the nationally accredited American Health Science University ( in Aurora, CO.

When I was living in Boston with my young family in the late 1980’s, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). At that time little was known about the disease, and many conventional doctors did not even recognize that this cluster of symptoms was a “legitimate” complaint. Yet the condition was seriously disabling. I experienced significant headaches and overwhelming fatigue. I found it nearly impossible to work and care for my two children, and my enjoyment of life hit an all-time low.

In my journey to help myself back to health, I soon determined that correcting my diet and figuring out how to supplement my nutrition were the keys to my recovery. I waded through research, sought out various opinions both conventional and alternative, and listened to plenty of advice. But since every body, and every expression of disease, is unique to each individual, how was I to discover what would work for me? Fortunately I found that practitioners who could analyze the body with muscle-testing or reflex analysis could help me determine my needs better than any other. As my health gradually improved, I began the study of Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA).

I became so excited by the process, both personally and professionally, that I taught CRA workshops around the United States for three years with my mentor, Jack Caputo, D.C. Eventually, I realized that the tools of complementary care that I was using (e.g., supplements and diet, chiropractic, etc.) did not meet every need of those who came to me for help. In order to put all my clients on the road to vibrant health, I have incorporated thyroid — and other hormone — replacement therapy into my practice, for both myself and my clients, in partnership with local clinics.

I grew up in Montana as the eldest of nine children, where we were taught that self-reliance is a virtue. So for me, prevention of disease and illness is an incredibly practical form of health care that can benefit anyone. CRA is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body’s structural, physical and nutritional needs. It is a wonderful tool to help determine your body’s needs for function and repair, and thus prevent dis-ease.

One of the other valuable aspects of CRA is that it can be used to help very young children without subjecting them to needles or other frightening devices. I love to work with families! For prenatal, infant and developmental care, my experience as a parent makes me a great mentor for increased vitality and productivity in children’s lives. I much prefer helping children early in their lives before they might become sick adults.

I see now that my long episode with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome helped propel me into a life I could not have previously imagined. Illness took me on a journey of self-understanding and growth, to complete recovery from this “incurable” disease. These days I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, and cross-country skiing in Colorado. I also travel frequently to New England where I have three young grandchildren to play with, too!

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