I hope you all had a blessed Mother’s Day! I am blessed to be a mother and grandmother. And I feel blessed to know so many mothers and grandmothers who are fighting to protect our freedoms for medical choice and to protect the health of our future populations. They are amazing women!

Urgent action

Please sign this petition ASAP.
We do not need mandatory vaccines, or a surveillance state, or any of the dystopic proposals being put forth to “protect” our health.

Access to Controversial Videos

Due to online censoring, some videos in my last newsletter weren’t playing by the time some of you had time to watch them, so I am providing alternative accesses for those here.

Part 1 of the documentary Plandemic is available at Sphir.io. I recommend you sign up for the free account, then go to ‘Library’ and search ‘Plandemic.’ A user has already added this to the Sphir.io general library (similar to YouTube’s library) for access by anyone.

I am aware what some critics are saying about Dr. Judy Mikovits’ statements and her accusations against Big Money and government regulators, from her interviews online and in her book Plague of Corruption. I am currently reading this book. It is reminiscent of other insightful books I’ve read, such as The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson, and Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes, which chronicles deceptions about cholesterol and fats in our diets.

I heartily disagree with the critics of Dr. Mikovits and want to remind you that Big Money will fight this information by either censoring it from the internet or maligning her character and work.

To watch the video (from my last post) of a doctor in Montana speaking about death certificates, search YouTube for “Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated.” It is still playing, but my link was somehow disabled.

The ‘sermon’ link is for Pastor Danny Jones and is still playing on YouTube. If my link didn’t work, just search for his name.


Dr. Mikovits is a whistleblower. We all know histories of many previous whistleblowers and must remember how essential to our survival these courageous people were and are.

Realize that Big Money has a lot to lose when scientists with integrity fight back. Big Money (which in this case is the pharmaceutical industry) has control of the internet (at least on the big forums like Google and YouTube) and controls what information you are provided. They don’t want you to make your own decision. They want to continue to propagandize their message and force it on you.

Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies, explains a lot about how the aforementioned control is happening in these two interviews:
Zach Vorhies long interview
Zach Vorhies interviewed by Del Bigtree

If this link doesn’t open, go to icandecide.org and search archives for “bigtreehighwirevorhiesinterview”.

You are an intelligent person. You can read and decide for yourself. Take time to really educate yourself. Realize that Google and the big internet companies have agendas. Be willing to feel uncomfortable until you know enough to decide how to act on new knowledge.


With regard to our immune systems and selfcare, I loved this Del Bigtree interview with Dr. Zach Bush, Internist and Endocrinologist.

As before, if this link doesn’t work, just search for the names on YouTube. It is over an hour long, but we have time right now, don’t we? I am learning a lot and hope you are, too!

If access to any other links is restricted, just email me directly and I will help you find it.