It’s worth repeating: our best defense against COVID-19 is optimizing our immune systems. This is true for all other viruses which have preceded it (such as SARS, MERS, H1N1, ZIKA, and Ebola), and all others in the years to come.

The best defense is not a vaccine or a drug. That is worth repeating too.

Whatever the challenge, whether ‘virus,’ bacteria, EMF, chemicals, emotional challenges, etc., the ‘terrain’ of our body will determine how we are affected. I believe in this now even more than ever. In every epidemic and pandemic in all of history, people survived. Why? Because their bodies could deal with it. Their immune responses were optimal.

Keep increasing your knowledge

Do you remember my two favorite websites for researching current and foundational health issues? These will always offer wonderful support day to day, so sign up for their newsletter alerts. They are:

The Weston A. Price Foundation’s website contains a wealth of information about our immune system. All of their journals since 2000 are available online. Choose a title you are interested in and read the varied articles on that subject.

I have always recommended Dr. Joseph Mercola’s insightful and well-researched articles, which are rich in current event data. For example, look back in history to his articles on Zika and SARS, and other viral scares, for perspective on the current concerns.

Immune Tips for the Week

• Spring is a perfect time to do a Liver Gall Bladder Flush. See this page for instructions. Or support your liver’s spring clean out with greens and herbs like Milk Thistle, or your favorite liver supplement blend. Antronex (Standard Process) is a very effective anti-histamine and liver cleanser.

• Get outside and expose your eyes and skin to sunshine every day, without sunscreen. Vitamin D is not the only benefit we get from sunlight! Dr. Seneff enlightens about the benefits of cholesterol sulfate formed from sun exposure to our skin. Take your sunglasses off! Lay on the grass or sand at a beach. Walk along the shore where negative ions and minerals are suspended in the air.

• EMF and 5G protection products I have some faith in: healthy water (see more below); Clarus Q-Link; Nikken Magnetic products; stones and crystals that can ‘magnetize and absorb’ EMF; Salt Lamps and water features in your home that improve the negative ion levels. Never have cell phones or other devices near you while sleeping.

Water is life

  • Before you swallow: pray over your H2O and your food.
  • Remember the fun and enlightening research by Dr. Masaru Emoto presented in his book The Hidden Messages in Water.
  • Add trace minerals to your water container, leave air/oxygen in bottle, post a sticker with a positive message on the bottle, and shake it to energize and oxygenate the water.
  • Place it in the sun for even more light structuring.
  • Never drink chlorinated and fluoridated water.
  • Install filters on your shower head.

Spread the Light – Be the Lighthouse

Today’s video presentation by Dr. Tom Cowan addresses the importance of structured water and the structured water in our capillaries. Our bodies are more than 50% water, depending on our age and gender, and critical processes use huge amounts of water.

I have just finished reading the wonderful book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, written by Dr. Cowan. I have greatly appreciated all of his articles published online and in print through the Weston A. Price Foundation.

To support his patients and the practitioners who follow his work, he started a series of video presentations to help understand our immune systems considering the current immune challenges. He is very calm and heartfelt. I feel certain you will be encouraged by his insights. In my opinion, he is very wise indeed.

Inhale courage, and exhale fear as you watch this.

photo courtesy of Samantha Farkash