Now that vaccinations for COVID-19 are widespread, any adverse reactions to them must be reported. Science cannot work effectively based on theory alone. We need real-world data to make our health care decisions.

These are unprecedented times, and they have strained us all. But our number one tool for moving forward is the quality of our knowledge. Please get involved.

Citizen Science is the voluntary involvement of the public in scientific research. Citizens can help gather data, and provide other kinds of feedback, that can help our scientists and our governments make informed decisions about our future.

Assist Our Health Care System

We are all aware that vaccinations for Covid-19 have been developed over a very short period of time. These vaccines use new processes that interact with our bodies in unknown ways. It is essential that any and all reactions to these vaccines be reported. That is where you come in!

If you, or anyone you know, has any reaction or death following vaccination, please report those reactions at all of these sites:

  • Informed Consent Action Network. This non-profit organization helps citizens to fully understand medical treatments, and if necessary, challenge their safety.
  • Childrens Health Defense Vaccine Tracker. You can view this site to see reported data, and keep up to date on existing problems.

We all need to be better informed. Relying only on the news channels to report the larger picture means being subjected to partisan views of reality. Instead, please take your health care seriously and listen to all the voices that are debating the direction of medicine.