Families are First at the Mountain Centre

Busy at home, busy at work, cranky babies, too many sleepless nights? All these things and more take their toll on the health of families. And what to feed everybody, with all the different likes and dislikes? Beleaguered and exhausted parents – especially young parents – struggle to find correct nuggets of diet information amidst the overwhelming mountains of opinions and advice that are offered online.

Pati can help! Our new service offers a group consultation for the whole family.

At the consultation, Pati will

  • take a brief medical history of each family member
  • muscle-test each family member for food sensitivities and preferences
  • test for blood type
  • discuss the family’s current diet, and how it can be adjusted to accommodate everyone’s needs
  • help develop a shopping list and meal plan
  • send you home with a packet of information to help you follow her recommendations

We want to see happier, healthier parents and children. Make an appointment today.