Pati got me out of being bedridden for two years. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, I was on a huge number of drugs and supplements. On my first visit with Pati, she muscle-tested me and said “we have to get you off all of this.” That really scared me! But I did exactly what she said, and was out of bed and starting to get better for the first time in two years. I’ve followed her advice ever since then!
CM, Santa Cruz CA
When my son Richie was six he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Our entire world was shattered. He was extremely sick, with constant diarrhea, bleeding, weak, in pain, and losing weight. After six months of toxic medication we decided to dig our heels in and change our course of treatment. With the help of Pati we began eating clean and taking supplements. It was not a quick fix but well worth the wait. Richie is now 18, thriving, growing, and living his life. Thank you Pati for everything that you’ve done for our family. We couldn’t have done it without you.
DD, Stoneham MA
I have been going to Pati since 2010. Shortly after starting my visits, she found an infection that had been coursing through me for about ten years. This infection could have taken my life if not found and dealt with. It has been amazing what she can find that no one else can, and I am the better for it, both physically and mentally.
KC, Fort Collins CO
Hypothyroidism and hormonal issues had become a burden on my daily life. The information Pati offered, as well as the personalized regimen that she created, have been groundbreaking for my health and outlook.
MD, Fort Collins CO
I brought my unhappy little boy to Pati twenty years ago when I had exhausted all other medical options. With Pati’s help, he was a different child within a week and on the road to the great health he has now. Time after time, Pati has given me the gift of health. Her knowledge of various supplements and other healing tools is amazing. What would we do without her!
KI, Reading MA
I just want to let you know how grateful I am to feel that I’m reclaiming myself — it’s been a long haul, as you know. I cannot imagine going through what I’ve been through and coming out the other side if I hadn’t had you and your work. The world is fortunate to have you.
LB, Boston MA
I was skeptical about muscle testing when I was first introduced to this procedure by Pati Thomas. However, Pati was able to identify undetected dental issues that were adversely affecting my health. Thanks to Pati, I no longer have an infection in my mouth and I am now on the road to recovery!
KB, Windsor CO
Cannot thank God often enough for Pati’s gift to the world and me, and for how I have been set free from numerous physical ailments over the past ten years! I’ll be 65 this year and I just shoveled snow for three hours!
JC, Fort Collins CO
As soon as we learned the great news we were expecting, I called Pati for her support. Her guidance during both prenatal and postpartum care has been priceless. I thank Pati for all her knowledge and dedication every step of the way. We have been blessed with two healthy pregnancies and two beautiful children. Thank you, Pati!
EK, Winthrop, MA
I know I would never have gotten through my gut issues without your help.
CN, Fort Collins CO
I have been seeing Pati Thomas at The Mountain Centre for Healing for about eight years now. My overall health has improved tremendously, including a much stronger immune system, the ability to fight disease naturally, and energy and stamina as well.

Pati has also helped my son recover fully from from sports-related concussions and the emotional issues inherent to these. She is our first contact if and when illness and/or injury occurs. So glad we found her!

JF, Fort Collins CO
After being very sick for five months and going to many doctors and hospitals, with no answers, Pati found I had a liver virus. She not only helped me get better eighteen years ago, she has kept me happy and healthy since then.
LV, North Andover MA
Pati helped me trust my intuition and gave me hope when I was discouraged. I was so impressed by how well my body was responding to her recommended protocol that I started taking my children. Pati provided a “safe space” both physically and emotionally for them. Through Pati’s CRA work and recommended protocol they, too, started to feel hopeful and experience improved health.

Four generations of my family have experienced Pati’s healing therapy, including me, my mother, my daughter, and now my grandchildren. My daughter has said countless times, “Pati saved my life.”

CM, Newcastle, ME