When you book your in-office appointment with Pati, you may also want to take advantage of these two other therapies at the same time. You’ll feel better than ever.

IonCleanse Foot Bath

IonCleanseThe IonCleanse is a gentle, non-invasive way to detoxify your body. You sit with your feet in a basin of warm water, through which a very mild electrical current is passed. The current generates ions, which are charged atoms which have lost or gained an electron. These ions attract oppositely charged particles. Remember playing with magnets, where two opposite poles would clamp powerfully together? The same process happens with the ions and the particles they attract, which then neutralizes both. In this way toxins are pulled from the body and into the water.

Many people experience a sense of greater lightness and well-being after the cleanse. Some people with chronic joint problems report feeling lighter, with less pain and less swelling.

Allow approximately one half-hour for the IonCleanse.

Light Therapy

Though sitting too long in the sun can be harmful to the skin (just ask any kid with a bad sunburn), gentle exposure to the sun’s rays is one of the oldest healing methods known to human beings. Our body manufactures Vitamin D right on our skin, as it absorbs the sun’s rays. The ultra-violet light helps cleanse the blood in our capillaries, and the sun is also thought to trigger the release of serotonin in the brain.

While the immune and mood enhancements from sunlight therapy happen all year round, living in the northern latitudes limits your Vitamin D production to summer months. For example, living in northern Colorado and in the Boston area, you will only make Vitamin D on your skin from June to September, and only if you get outdoors between 10 am and 2 pm, and only if don’t wear sunscreen.

We now have a tanning bed for Light Therapy at Mountain Centre for Healing. These beds are able to replicate the sun’s rays and all the very desirable benefits mentioned here. As with almost anything else in life, moderation is the key: a fifteen to twenty minute session in the bed will not burn the skin but instead enhance your well-being. For more information on the benefits of tanning, see here and here.