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What to Expect for In-Office Consults

Before your first visit to Pati, you will be asked to fill out your initial consultation form (download here) and bring it with you to your appointment. If you do not have printing capability, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the form in the office.

Questions on the form concern your medical history and some aspects of your personal life. You will also be asked, when you make your appointment, to bring copies of any recent blood tests or other lab work, if you would like Pati to use these results for her analysis, or to comment on the results.

As you sit comfortably with her in her private office, Pati will review the intake materials and ask detailed questions about your history and the current health issues you may be experiencing. When the interview is complete, she will ask you to stand and she will evaluate your needs you using Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA). She may ask more questions as she proceeds, and you are welcome to interact with questions during the process. Pati considers herself your partner in this journey, not the boss. You will decide together which are the best next steps for you to take.

After the evaluation is complete, she will recommend a protocol for you to follow over the next few weeks, which will directly address the issues she uncovers with CRA. The protocol may be as simple as: stop eating dairy products and eat red meat twice a day.

Usually the protocols recommend adding selected nutritional supplements to your daily routine, on a timed schedule to insure maximum benefit. The supplements are for sale in the front office, and can be added to your routine according to your tolerance and budget. You can also order more supplements over the phone; your order will be shipped quickly, usually the same day.

At follow-up consults, the protocol will probably be slightly revised. As the body begins to heal there may be new issues that emerge, or perhaps a supplement has been so effective that it’s no longer called for. Pati wants to insure that you can comfortably adhere to the process, so please be assured that she is committed to being your partner on the road to better health.

Clients may be surprised by some of Pati’s dietary advice. As a believer in wholesome and delicious foods, Pati will frequently contradict food trends of the last decades. If a body is calling for it, she may advise you to eat more meat, or salt, or butter. Foods should taste as good as they make you feel, and once you are able to find your very own recipes for health, life becomes sweeter, smarter, and more vivid.

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What to Expect for Phone Consults

Phone consultations are two-part. SKYPE calls are available upon request.

Before your first phone call with Pati, you will need to download and complete the initial consult form. The form must then be scanned and emailed, or faxed, or sent by snail mail before the appointment time.

The first phone call is dedicated to discussing the initial consult form and your medical history. After the call is completed, Pati uses medical intuitive skills with surrogate muscle-testing to do her evaluation of your current needs. The initial protocol is then emailed to you, detailing Pati’s recommendations.

There is always a second phone call for initial phone consults. By that time you will have a copy of the protocol and can discuss with Pati the details of her recommendations.

Follow-up consultations are dedicated to discussing your progress – or difficulties with – the protocol recommendations. Because healing rarely follows a straight line, there may be adjustments to the original recommendations. Follow-up phone consults may continue with just email discussions after receiving the amended protocol, but a second phone call is also offered. You can simply call the office to say you have received the amended protocol and would like to set another 10-15 minute appointment to discuss it with Pati.

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