Sometimes a condition arises that you want to deal with right away – like those awful spring colds – and you can’t get in to see me, or you can’t wait for a shipment to arrive. What to do?

My clients usually have supplements already on hand that can be put into service – and these supplements are way better for you (and your immune system) than conventional treatments like aspirin and cold medicines.

For times like this, we’ve just posted the Holistic Medicine Chest on the website. It’s not a list of things you should always have on hand, like band-aids. Rather, you can look up what’s bothering you, see what supplements are recommended for that condition, then go see if you have any of them in your cupboard. Chances are, you will. I give dosages, too.

Back to that pending emergency – my clients know they can call or email me – even on evenings and weekends – but if you’re truly on your own, here are some things you can do. The Holistic Medicine Chest will give dosing instructions, if not already mentioned here:

Take High Doses of Vitamins A & D

  • For adults, at the onset of your misery take 100,000 i.u.s of Vitamin A and 25,000 i.u.s of Vitamin D, and for the duration of the acute phase, including fever. Bio A emulsion Forte and Bio D emulsion Forte are often tolerated when there is nausea or vomiting.
  • For children, A & D dosing will vary depending on age and weight, but certainly quadruple the amount they are currently taking. The simple (not Forte) versions of Bio A and D work well. Cod liver oil contains Vitamins A and D, too.

Take Whole-Complex Vitamin C

Before you reach for your medicine cabinet, please memorize this: Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C! The typical C supplements of 500 mg and higher are not recommended; they will damage your tissues.

Whole complex Vitamin C contains bioflavonoids and only a tiny amount of ascorbic acid: Cyruta Plus, Cataplex C, Camu Camu, Congaplex, and Bioflavonoid products are examples of these. Check here for dosing.

Take Calcium, Acidifiers, and Colloidal Silver

  • Calcium: This mineral is integral to fighting any infection, so you want to create a calcium “wave” in your blood. Calcium lactate or Calcium citrate are very bioavailable forms, which increase blood levels quickly. In fact, a fever indicates – in part – your body’s effort to draw calcium into the blood from your tissues. If you try to reduce your fever with NSAIDs it will not go well for your immune system! Also, see my recommendations for fever at Self Help – Fevers
  • Blood Acidifiers: Acidifying your blood improves immune functions. Three (3) tablets of Cal Amo every 12 hours is very effective for this. Raw apple cider vinegar is also effective, but needs to be taken every 2 hours. Bone broth with vinegar, salt, and a bit of cayenne pepper can provide some of the nutrients needed.
  • Colloidal Silver is effective against bacterias and viruses alike. Use it orally and spritzed in the sinuses. I highly recommend each household has its own ‘silver maker’ so you always have fresh colloidal silver on hand for any need. These are available for purchase in my office.

Drink Bone Broths

  • Broths provide calcium, trace minerals, and proteins to boost your immune responses.

Stress-dose Hydrocortisone and Cortef

  • If you are taking prescription hydrocortisone or Cortef, it’s essential that you stress-dose when fighting an infection. The amounts can vary, depending on the severity of the illness, but a general rule of thumb is to add at least 5 mg more, per dose. And take those doses every three hours.

Consult Your Protocols

  • My goal is to have clients who are educated and empowered to help themselves. I often write recommendations on each protocol for supplements that can be increased to prevent illness (like when the kids come home from school with the flu), or for support once illness sets in.


  • Also, ask me for seasonal supplement recommendations to keep on hand.

Illness depletes your body – Schedule an appointment with me as soon as you are well

Even if you are well-stocked to support your immune functions during any illness, there may be tissues that were damaged, or nutrients that were depleted. Rebuild! It’s important to determine what needs your body may have, so other conditions don’t develop.

For example, cavities often develop in the wake of illness. Ouch. This is due to the depletion of calcium, other minerals, or C complex, from the collagen of teeth and bones.

By the way, Standard Process products provide “Protomorphogens” to target specific tissue depletion. One example is Pneumotrophin PMG, which helps rebuild lungs and bronchi after a respiratory illness.