I would love to see a replay of that wonderful song, wouldn’t you?

It would be such a beneficial redirect from the current fear-mongering about coronaviruses. Fear weakens our immune systems. Confidence and kindness and joy boost our immune systems.

You have the tools you need

My clients – all of you! – have great tools at your fingertips for supporting your immune systems. I hope you are all out in the sun today. Though I am at my computer right now writing this to you, I opened my windows and turned the heat up to force circulation of my indoor air out and good negative ion-ized clean air in.

I have humidifiers going in my bedrooms. I am eating fermented foods daily and lots of bone broths. Instead of baking a batch of sugary cookies, I am making a bone-rich soup today. I am definitely taking my cod liver oil and getting extra K2 in my yogurt.

Support your immune system

You usually know which immune blend of bioflavonoids and minerals works for you, so be sure to be taking that right now. ViraCon works for me – what works for you?

We will all build immunity to this coronavirus, this season’s A and B flu, and this season’s RSV virus. They are all powerful viruses. The survivors will always be those who are taking care of themselves. Keywords: TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES.

Fear-mongering brainwashes into thinking that we are victims and vulnerable, that we have no power to help ourselves. Fear makes us want to look to an authority we can count on. But our current culture is backfiring on the health of our nation and making drug companies rich.

Speak up!

This is what I emailed to Senator Bennet and Congressman Neguse on Friday:

I am not afraid of this coronavirus. For most of us, it is no riskier than the common cold. I am tired of being fear mongered. Stop it!

Drug companies are running this country because you are letting them. This fear-mongering hopes to scare people into getting a dangerous coronavirus vaccine that is rushed to market.

In the meantime, our economy is at risk because of interruptions in business that are totally unnecessary.

Please be a voice of reason!

I hope you will email your state and national legislators and ask for reason, too. They need to hear from us. I have been heartened by the conversations I’ve had at checkout registers with strangers who agree with me, and with clients and friends who agree with me. But our legislators and government agencies need to hear from us.

I went to Senator Bennet’s Town Hall meeting recently and spoke up about the epidemic of vaccine injury and asked what he would do to stop the governance of our health by drug companies.

Your health is in your hands. You know how to take good care of yourselves. I am proud to know you all! Please don’t let this virus scare us into not touching each other. Touch, kindness, joy and caring are the true keys to strong immune systems.

Have a hug-filled love-filled day, week, year!