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Bone broths for digestion:

Though we may long for a change of diet after the snows of winter, Bone Broth added to soups and stews still taste good during our cool spring weather. Bone Broth aids in the digestion of all proteins, helping you to get all the nutrition you can from your food. Make a big pot and freeze small quantities to be used in stir-frying, or added to chili or spaghetti sauce.

If you don’t have time to make bone broths, try adding unflavored gelatin to your meals. Unflavored gelatin sprinkled over the cool water as you begin cooking rice, quinoa, etc., adds digestive factors to grains. Great Lakes gelatin, available online or at Natural Grocers, is a favored brand.

Vitamin D:

We are still two months from the time when the summer sun will be far enough north to make Vitamin D on your skin, so I am still recommending Light Therapy (tanning!) weekly. If you are coming in to the office be sure to allow an extra half hour to use the Light Therapy Room.

REMEMBER: we only make Vitamin D on our skin under these conditions:

  • after 15 – 30 minutes of exposure, depending on your skin-tone
  • on skin that is rich enough in cholesterols
  • from about June 1 – September 1 in Colorado and other states in our latitudes and only from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during those months
  • and only if you are not wearing sunscreen!

Put your natural sunscreen on after you’ve been exposed to the sun for at least 20 minutes.

In addition to Vitamin D, full-spectrum light from the sun provides a powerful immune boost and irradiates the blood in your capillaries, which purifies it.

Speaking of sunscreen, go to the Environmental Working Group to help you choose the safest, most effective brands.

Eggs for Health:

Do you eat eggs? If you tolerate them well, they are truly a wonderful food, and relatively inexpensive considering how delicious and nutritious they are. Next time you shop, write down all the brand names of eggs at your favorite supermarket. Then use this organic egg scorecard to check those brands for quality.

With this information you will know how best to spend your food dollars, acknowledge the true heroes of agriculture and the environment, protect and reward your family with authentic organic food, and send the corporate bad-actors a serious message.

This wonderful aid for shoppers comes from the website of The Cornucopia Institute. I hope you’ll donate to their organization. I do! And definitely take advantage of the many scorecards they provide.