Olive oil is not necessarily olive oil.

In his detailed book Extra Virginity, The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, Tom Mueller enlightens us about the history of olive oil commerce. The quality and purity of olive oil products has not been protected and preserved.

Unfortunately, many brands of olive oil contain a high percentage of inferior, non-olive oils. I recommend reading posts on Tom’s website.

My clients have heard me expound endlessly on the importance of consuming quality oils and fats. Olive oil could be one of these choices, but it’s become clear that we must be very selective in our purchases.

Which Olive Oil is Really Olive Oil?

I trust the listings at Truth In Olive Oil

There’s also a supermarket oils evaluation that I find very helpful. It includes several quality oils from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Costco, as well as major supermarkets in most regions.

The quality olive oil brand lists are regularly being upgraded at the above link, so be sure to check back in regularly. As of this date, these are the brands I discerned that might be available to a majority of my clients:

Trader Joe’s: Premium 100% Greek Kalamata EVOO, California Estate Olive Oil, and Premium Extra Virgin
Whole Foods: California 365 EVOO, California Olive Ranch
Costco: Kirkland Toscano Signature EVOO; Corto Olive
King Sooper’s: Cobram Estate Australian EVOO; California Olive Ranch
Sprouts: California Olive Ranch
Albertson’s: California Olive Ranch
Walmart: California Olive Ranch
Shaw’s, Super Stop & Shop, Market Basket: California Olive Ranch