The hazards of keeping house

Janet recently spent her vacation week cleaning, painting, and installing new carpet in her duplex. There are low VOC paints for her to choose from, cleaners without obvious chemicals and odors, and even natural floor coverings, for example, rugs made from bamboo.

Janet knew there would be a lot of chemicals she could be exposed to that week, so we checked her first. We used muscle-testing (reflex analysis) to see what supplements could help her body detox quickly and completely, as it was happening. She didn’t want to wait until the build-up effect left her sick and coughing.

Do your research before choosing materials and paints, and be sure to ask me how to protect your body, too.

Besides supplements and herbs, Ion Cleanse Foot Baths are a fabulous and gentle way to support detoxing and repair factors. Janet did two foot  baths at our office that week. Outside air and sunshine, and perhaps a little sit-down on the grass, too, are excellent support for your immune system. Be sure to take lots of deep breaths while you are out there!

Chemicals hide in everyday items

Doing a big remodel project like Janet’s are occasional events in our lives. But every day we can be exposed to hundreds of chemicals that are not required to be listed on labels. Did you know that a label listing “Fragrance” can actually signify any of close to one hundred different chemicals? Newspapers recently reported the FDA’s new rule banning nineteen chemicals from “antiseptic wash products” – i.e., soaps. Who woulda thunk? Toxic chemicals in my soap?!! Be wary especially of the soap labeled ‘antibacterial.’

Some of these same chemicals are also in your toothpaste, cosmetics, after-shaves, and more. You all know I recommend you buy toothpaste without fluoride, but more and more often lately, I am recommending you stop toothpaste altogether. Sublingual absorption in your mouth is immediate, and obviously can be very toxic. Instead, simple sea salt and baking soda paste can be a safe tooth and mouth cleanser. And one that doesn’t stink, either.