I have some important questions to ask you, and also to ask of you. You have come to me for my best recommendations for your health or the health of your family. I feel sure you will want to know more about a very current issue.

I’ve been studying vaccines and vaccinations for thirty years and have recently become so concerned that I had to do something. Mornings I am up early, make a cup of coffee, put the fireplace on and read the newest books and articles or watch documentaries on the subject. I’ve sacrificed precious weekends to attend a conferences; driven to Denver on cold nights to speak up at committee meetings; I’ve ordered books so I can share them. I also donate monthly to three organizations which are working hard on this issue.

This is the thing: our freedoms to choose our health care are once again being threatened, in all age groups.

Immunization – who gets to decide?

Most importantly, I want to educate about, and advocate for, informed choice in health care for ourselves and our families. It is no secret that I haven’t jumped on the vaccination-is-the-magic-bullet bandwagon. But I am not one of the Anti-Vaxxers as they are so luridly portrayed in the popular press, either: air-headed, ignorant, fraught with conspiracy theories. As I mentioned before, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time to studying this issue.

I believe that we must look at all sides of an issue before making important decisions. Following is a list of resources that detail the side of this debate that is often consigned to “the crazy people.” The politics of this debate, which are undoubtedly controversial, have led to censorship of some of these sources.

Online resources for your research

  • Watch: The documentary Vaxxed, online here.
  • Watch: The Greater Good documentary can be streamed here.
  • Watch: Vaxxed 2 is here. More interviews on Facebook here.
  • Watch: excellent interviews with Zach Vorhies, Dr. David Brownstein, and Julie Gerberding here
  • Read: website for Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense
  • Read: website for Del BigTree’s movement, I Can Decide
  • Read: Kendall Nelson, from Weston Price Foundation, who corrects the record on measles outbreaks here

My first ask: have you seen these movies and researched these websites?

We must continue to educate ourselves every day, year to year. The medical therapies in these movies are not without risk, by the way. There are risks involved in any medical intervention and it is important that we evaluate the risk-to-benefit ratio, using science.

A common refrain in the media today is “the science is settled.” Science is never settled! That is the beauty of science. Science is always looking for better and better answers, and questioning assumptions is at the very soul of science. I repeat: question assumptions.

Where is science when you need it?

Regarding the “hotly debated” topic of immunizations, science is barely involved. Monetary greed has taken over. This is not conjecture. Insulin – which, for many people, is the only thing standing between them and a miserable death – has seen its price skyrocket in the last decade. So too with Armour thyroid, a reliable prescription treatment, which has been priced out of reach to recover “capitalization costs” by investors. Private equity companies are acquiring heath services, squeezing every drop of profit from them, then dumping them. Why? Mysterious “market forces” are at work! Right.

Meanwhile, over-worked and under-paid ‘journalists’ are merely repeating drug company advertising slogans. You won’t read science in the popular newspapers, or see it on news programs. Those media have advertisers they are beholden to, and/or their owners have agendas to promote.

As the Romans said, caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. Though this is not morally right, it’s what we must face.What is not being reported in the mainstream?

My second ask: are you reading up on the latest science?

One in thirty-six children today are diagnosed with autism, heavily weighted to boys. 54% of children today have chronic illness. Included in that list are depression and mental illnesses that are contributing to unprecedented numbers of suicide and violence in the young, including gun violence. Something is wrong, very wrong.

Meanwhile, we are treating childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, and rubella as if they were terminal diseases. Death rates from these childhood illnesses had already declined by as much as 92% before vaccines were introduced. These are not diseases. They are childhood illnesses which are known to prime the immune system and confer lifelong immunity. To get through these illnesses safely, with benefit to their immune systems, children need – what??? Ah, there is actually very little study of this, because medicine has focused on vaccines instead.

Infectious disease experts know that antibiotics are a mixed blessing and overuse is creating mutant resistant bacterias aka superbugs. What conditions or diet help our bodies fight bacteria, like hepatitis, or viruses, such as measles, HPV, and chickenpox? What conditions or diet help keep our heart healthy?

You already know some of my positions. I focus on strengthening the immune system, whatever age the client. Vitamins A, D, and K2 are crucial, and we could be distributing them in all quarters. Healthy fats of all saturation levels need to be in the diet, never low-fat diets, especially for children. Salt – good salt – is healthy for us. Homeoprophylaxis is also a long-standing tool for immune system priming.

But we don’t have all the answers in medicine, and if someone tells that you we do, they are bluffing. Your best defense is an open mind.Get involved

My third ask: are you actively involved in your own health care?

There is legislation pending in most states trying to limit your right to choose. All this is happening while drug companies – through your legislators – are pushing for more and more new ‘therapies’ to be mandated. This applies to every age group, from in utero through grandparenthood. For example, New York overreacted during a measles outbreak – not an epidemic, just an outbreak – from which there were no deaths. The state then eliminated all religious exemptions from mandatory vaccinations.

My final ask: have you put these links on your list to read and watch so you can make informed choices?

And while you are on those websites, donate, even $10 per month. They are doing the upfront work we can’t do.

A thorough risk-to-benefit analysis should be considered before choosing any medical procedure, drug, or other “therapy,” invasive or not. It is therefore crucial that we maintain our right to choose which treatments are right for us and our families.  A one-size-fits-all medical system is not in the best interest of health for anyone.

Before choosing, educate yourself. Set aside some time for this. I promise, you will be so glad you did.