In this post you will find some tips on using supplements for your best health, and more. Lighthouse images are courtesy of Samantha Farkash.


It’s important to optimize zinc anytime your system is fighting off toxins or germs or EMFs. But, also remember that zinc is a partner with copper and iron. We cannot indefinitely take high doses of zinc without addressing our copper and iron status.

The most common signs that zinc is overdosed are nausea and loss of sense of taste. A consult with me could clarify this for you.

Iron, Calcium and Cortisol

Iron supplementation should be stopped when one is acutely ill with fever.

Calcium should be increased as needed to manage the fever. Reducing fever with NSAIDS stunts the body’s true recovery. Consider contacting me for help during any active illness.

If you are a cortisol patient (Rx Cortef, Hydrocortisone), you will need to increase your cortisol dose if sick, or for feelings of major stress and fear.

Spread the Light – Be the Lighthouse!

Today’s offering for your empowerment through  knowledge:

The exosome science that was discussed in the essay by Sally Fallon Morrell in my last post is explained nicely in this short lecture. You will be so glad you watched it!

Samantha Farkash, a photographer and entrepreneur I know, shared her photo gallery with me this week. And, lo and behold – lighthouses! I am pleased to share this photo, and others in future posts. You can view her full gallery.