Here I continue with advice on your nutrition and also, empowerment through knowledge. Please use your extra time to educate yourselves.

My tips for the day:

A trinity for healing

As my clients, you know how important Vitamins A, D, and K2 are as a triad at the foundation of all functions and repair factors in the body. Whenever you have been immune-challenged, I have recommended 100,000 iu of Vitamin A, 20,000 iu Vitamin D, and at least 180 mcg of Vitamin K2 for the period of acute illness.

Maintenance of these vitamins is important at all times. Check with me to determine your “normal” levels.

C Complex

You’ve heard me before and here it is again: Vitamin C is not the same thing as ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid will cause inflammation and should never be taken as a supplement.

Whole C complex provides all the bioflavonoids that are the true anti-scurvy factors. Products such as Standard Process Cataplex C and Cyruta Plus, Camu Camu, and citrus bioflavonoids (without the added “C”) will provide supplementation of Whole C Complex. IV Vitamin C has a completely different, and beneficial, reaction in the body.

Vitamin Sun

Get plenty of sunlight, on your skin, without sunscreen, to boost immune actions in the blood in your capillaries. Take a blanket outside, walk barefoot to a nice spot, and lay on the earth.

Spread the Light – Be the Lighthouse!

Today’s video will be more passionate than the last post. Get ready for a ride!

I want to emphasize a few of the comments made by the presenter:

* This video opens with the ubiquitous warning that ‘this information is not intended to be medical advice; please consult your physician.’ I take exception to this dominance over our ‘healthcare.’ Who made western medicine the only God we can consult about our health? I don’t accept this.

* This doctor reminds us that scientific understanding of our physiology and knowledge of our human immune systems is being ignored in this pandemic and by the news. Koch’s postulates (more on these in my next post) have been ignored.

* The developer of the PCR test being used for diagnosis of Covid-19 said this test should NEVER be used for diagnosis.

* The media is ‘fear-mongering,’ and fear reduces immune function.

* There are natural ways to clear viral patterns (my clients know this!)